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Interview by AucArt

December 2020

Avocado Toast Post

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Artist Feature by Jamila Pomeroy 

Fall/Winter 2020

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Install 10.jpeg
Interview by Melanie Reese
August 2020
Statement by Curator Carin Adams
April 2020

New West Record Review by Julie MacLellan November 2018

Its A Classic.jpeg

Statement by Curator Marissa Patten 

June 2020

Install 08 copy.jpeg

Statement by Curator Michelle Nye

December 2019


Shape by Apéro Catalogue

November 2018


The Weekly Curate by Melanie Reese June 2020


Artist Feature by Jamila Pomeroy February 2019


The SF Chronicle by Sam Whiting

August 2017

Alpha'a Live Artist Q & A

April 2020

ABC Channel 7 News Fort Mason Center Press Preview

August 2017

ABC Channel 7 News
Watch Now

Facebook Live Interview with Stephanie Smith from the San Francisco Art Institute 

August 2017